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Special Statement - New Residence Hall & Grant C Tower

April 25, 2012

The New Residence Hall and Grant C Tower have been very popular; space is limited but that changes moment by moment as students select rooms & other students request changes.  If no rooms are available in the hall you want when you are selecting a room, select your second choice room, and send an email to housingdining@niu.edu requesting the hall you want.  We will put students on a wait list and as rooms open up, we will offer the New Hall and Grant C Tower rooms to students according to the date they made the request to be added to the wait list.

*Please Note – You MUST choose a room before we can add you to the wait list.  Please choose your second choice room before you e-mail Housing & Dining requesting to be put on the wait list.

We still have plenty of availability in our Living Learning Communities, including the Business Careers House in Grant C Tower and the Honors House in the New Residence Hall.  To be eligible to live in a Living Learning Community, students may need to meet certain criteria set forth by the house.  For example, the Business Careers House is open to business majors, and Honors House is only open to students in the Honors program.