On-Campus Housing

Transitioning as a Transfer

"Living and working on campus helped me connect with other like-minded students

and adjust to the transition between home and school."

Miles Pfefferle

Senior, Communications-Media Studies Major


Welcome to Northern Illinois University. You may not be new to college, but you will be new to NIU, and NIU is a great place for a fresh start. As you begin your academic career on a new campus it is important to get connected quickly. Students who live in the residence halls at NIU have opportunities to quickly connect with students in their suites, floors, or hall community. Many students live with their classmates as they become part of an Living Learning Community or Academic Residential Program.

As a transfer student you have a variety of living options available to you, which include:

  • Suites with or without a bathroom
  • Single rooms
  • Double rooms
  • Northern View Community, which are apartments designed for undergraduate students at least two years post high school, students who have a spouse/domestic partner and/or dependents, graduate students and law students.

Not only are the residence halls supportive socially but they are also supportive academically. Students who live in NIU residence halls generally have higher GPAs. Some of the academic support provided include:

  • Writing centers
  • Tutoring centers
  • Computer labs open 24 hours
  • Academic Residential Programs
  • Community Advisors on all floors and Peer Mentors in Academic Residential Programs

For Fall 2014 - Spring 2015, the Transfer House will be located in Stevenson Tower B (Floors 3 - 6).

Students can also quickly learn about NIU and get connected by taking University Experience: UNIV 201. UNIV 201 is a twelve-week, one credit hour course designed exclusively for transfer students. Course content includes adjusting to life at NIU and ways to get involved on campus; establishing a solid GPA at NIU by becoming a more effective and efficient students; making new friends while maintaining old friendships;living in a diverse community; and balancing and making the most of your time at NIU. Even if you have taken a similar class at your previous institution it is beneficial to learn how to succeed at NIU.


The Transfer Student Community

The perfect place for you to make your new home at NIU is the Transfer Student Community. The Transfer Student Community, located in Stevenson Towers, is a community designed specifically for new transfer students. Transitioning can present challenges socially and academically, and NIU is here to support you. Some of the benefits of the Transfer Student Community include:

Watch a video about the Transfer House »

  • Living with other transfer students
  • A Community Advisor who understands specific needs of transfer students
  • Educational, social, and career planning events
  • Resources for academic advising, meeting degree requirements, and graduate school
  • Taking UNIV 201 with many of your housemates.

The Transfer Student Community in Stevenson Towers offers a variety of rooms, which include suites with or without bathroom, double room, and single room.

As you begin your career at NIU we want you to have every opportunity to succeed. Your new community awaits your arrival as you embark upon your Journey to NIU.


"I liked living in Neptune Hall because there were a lot of students similar in age to me. It was also convenient because it is located in the middle of campus."

Eric Hadnott

Junior, Biology Major