Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Community

Every floor on campus promotes academic success and offers programming tied to transition students as they move through their years at college. Living Learning Communities go one step further in strengthening connections between students and faculty within a chosen course of study. These dynamic learning communities have some added benefits including:

  • Formal and informal out-of-class interaction with professors in your academic field.
  • Increased opportunity for career information, internships, and professional networking.
  • Access to special facilities and equipment in a supportive learning environment.
  • Educational programs that will enhance your classroom learning.
  • Social and cultural activities with students and faculty.

Each of our programs is unique and interesting. They are jointly sponsored by Housing & Dining and an academic unit of the university. There is at least one faculty advisor from each academic department or college affiliated with each floor. We encourage you to consider joining a Living Learning Community.

Living Learning Communities:

Business Careers House
Contact: Mark Misic
House Coordinator

Fine Arts House
Contact: Sahin Sahinoglu
House Coordinator

Green Living Community
Contact: Melissa Burlingame
Faculty Advisor

Honors House
Contact: JD Bowers
House Coordinator

Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC) Floor
Contact: Rodney Williams
House Coordinator

Teacher Education and Certification House
Contact: Melanie Bickley
House Coordinator

Exploring Majors House
Contact: Susana Das Neves
House Coordinator

Foreign Language Residence Program
Contact: Greg Ross
House Coordinator

Health Professions House
Contact: Sandi Splansky
House Coordinator

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) House
Contact: James Benson
House Coordinator

Transfer House
Contact: Arielle Kalvelage
Faculty Advisor