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Counseling, Adult and Higher Education Graduate Program

CAHE is designed for individuals seeking an academic experience that will address the sociopolitical and educational concerns of people, organizations, and communities. CAHE faculty is well versed in international, domestic, and community issues that affect individuals and society. The department has numerous Fulbright Scholars, Distinguished Teaching Professors, and teachers who are professionally active in international and national organizations. The Department offers a range of academic programs including Certificates of Study, Institutes, Master's of Science in Education, and a Doctorate of Education.

Applying to the Program

Applicants to the Adult and Higher Education Program should complete the Application for Admission to the Graduate School. Visit the Graduate School Website to complete the application online or download and print a copy. Applicants should indicate their Intended Degree as M.S.Ed., Major Department as Counseling, Adult and Higher Education, and Major Department Code as 116.

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Graduate Student & Assistantship Recruitment Program

The Graduate Student and Assistantship Recruitment Program (GSARP) at Northern Illinois University is a partnership between the Counseling, Adult and Higher Education Department (CAHE) and the Division of Student Affairs designed for entering students who are pursuing graduate preparation for professional positions in colleges and universities. The two-day program introduces students to the theory and practice of counseling, adult and higher education, essential program information, professors and staff members, and enables students to interview for graduate assistantships within the Division of Student Affairs.

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the CAHE Graduate Program
  • Interview for assistantship positions
  • Interact with current graduate students and candidates from around the nation
  • Meet and interact with CAHE faculty and Student Affairs staff members
  • Learn more about financial aid opportunities
  • Tour DeKalb and the NIU campus

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