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Announcement Posting Policy

Channel 20 slides are accepted by submitting content/message requests or completed slides as Powerpoint files via email. All submissions must be landscape letter size, or 11 x 8.5". If files are sent at an incorrect size (portrait, or 8.5 x 11"), they will be returned unposted to Channel 20.

Accepted File Types

  • .ppt (Powerpoint)
  • .pdf
  • .jpeg

Duration of Posting

  • Messages will remain in rotation typically for one week unless other arrangments are made. 
  • If a message promotes an event, the message will remain in rotation only until the event.

Submissions and Deadlines

  • Content/message requests must be turned in at least 2 weeks in advance. This is necessary to allow Channel 20 staff to design each frame and to program the slide rotation.
  • Completed slides must be turned in at least one week in advance.

Submission Requirements

  • The specific text of each message must be provided on the request form.
  • All submissions must include:
  • Organization name
  • Contact name
  • Contact phone
  • Contact email
  • Faculty or staff adviser name and contact information
  • Desired posting date/ending date


To submit completed slides or content/message requests, email Quinn Ryan at qryan1@niu.edu

Policy Updates

This policy will be updated to meet the needs and capacities of Channel 20 programming.

Non-discrimination Policy

Northern Illinois University is an equal opportunity institution and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, national origin, disability, or status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran. The Constitution and Bylaws of Northern Illinois University afford equal treatment regardless of political views or affiliation and sexual orientation.