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Health Professions House



Stevenson A Tower
Floors 3-7

About room availability


Health Professions House is open to students majoring in any of the following:

  • Child Development
  • Family and Individual Development
  • Family Social Services
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition, Dietetics and Wellness
  • Public Health
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitation and Disability Services
  • Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology
  • Other health/service majors

Students with these majors do have the option to pull in preferred roommates to their room.

Students are expected to participate in activities planned by the Health House Ambassadors each semester.

How to Sign Up

Log into Campus Housing Sign Up and follow the instructions for selecting a new room and meal plan. If you meet the above requirement, you will be able to select a room in the Health Professions House. Note that depending on the time of the year, room selection may be unavailable to you. Learn more about the room selection timeline.

The Health Professions House brings together students interested in health and service related majors and careers to foster professional, academic and personal relationships among students and faculty. You'll participate in exclusive opportunities to enrich your college career through academic, social, service and special events.

You also have the opportunity to engage with faculty outside of the classroom through bi-monthly discussions on relevant topics. You'll see an enriched student experience through learning in an informal setting.


  • SnackChat
    Students and faculty enjoy snacks while engaging in discussion on relevant topics.
  • Service activity examples
    Visit assisted living centers, work with local organizations and assist with blood drives.
  • Field trips
    Visits or trips to NIU laboratories, clinics, museums, professional sports games, theatrical productions, or zoos. These may vary based on student interests.
  • Student Success
    Informal study groups and study tables
  • Social activity examples
    Ice cream socials, campfires, game nights, bowling, movie nights and more.

Special Opportunities

A Themed Learning Community is a group of two to four courses taken by the same set of approximately 25 students over the course of a semester. These courses are taught in a way that will allow you to explore a common theme across all of the courses in your TLC.

Health Professions House residents majoring in the College of Health and Human Sciences might consider these TLCs:

  • Preparing for Health Careers
  • Exploring Health Majors
  • Everyday Statistics: Back to Basics

Learn more about Themed Learning Communities.

For More Information

To learn more about the Health Professions House, contact:

Sandi Splansky
House Coordinator

Dr. Jeanette Rossetti
Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sheila Barrett
Faculty Advisor

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