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ACES House: Academic and Career Exploratory Scholars


Stevenson C Tower
Floors 3-4

About room availability


ACES House is open to first-year students who have not declared a major or are interested in exploring academic options.

How to Sign Up

Log into Campus Housing Sign Up and follow the instructions for selecting a new room and meal plan. If you meet the above requirements, you will be able to select a room in the ACES House. Note that depending on the time of the year, room selection may be unavailable to you. Learn more about the room selection timeline.

Welcome to the ACES House – Northern Illinois University’s Living-Learning Community for undecided and exploring students. Located in Stevenson C Tower, this residence hall living option is open to students who are interested in exploring majors and career options. As a resident, you will have the opportunity to take part in field experiences that provide behind-the-scenes looks at various careers, interact with faculty from potential areas of interest and have access both academic and social programming events. Students also have access to the ACCESS Advising Center and a tutoring center located in Grant South.

The ACES House is open to students who have not declared major or incoming students interested in exploring academic options. We are an excellent housing option for students who have a tentative idea about their major, students who have five different interests they want to explore, and students who don't even know where to begin.

House Highlights

  • Opportunity to learn about a variety of careers, majors, and academic opportunities
  • Access to academic and social programming events
  • Access to the Exploring Majors Advising Center
  • Tutoring center located in Grant B Tower

Special Opportunities

A Themed Learning Community is a group of two to four courses taken by the same set of approximately 25 students over the course of a semester. These courses are taught in a way that will allow you to explore a common theme across all of the courses in your TLC.

If you decide to join the ACES House, we think you'd be interested in these TLCs:

  • Career & Major Exploration
  • Psychology: Explorations of Perception
  • Psychology: Growing a Mindset for Success
  • Everyday Statistics: Back to Basics

Learn more about Themed Learning Communities.

For More Information

To learn more about the ACES House, contact House Coordinator Beverly McCall.

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