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Residential Student Conduct Board


The Residential Communities Conduct Boards will consist of those students chosen to serve in each of their areas for the purpose of hearing cases of potential violations of the Student Code of Conduct and Guidepost where a student has plead not responsible at a preliminary conduct hearing held with their hall director. These conduct boards may also be responsible for sanctioning the student. Conduct board members will also be expected to aid in the development of other students, and the development of themselves, by programming proactively on issues related to the issues they see emerging in their buildings. Besides being based on the residential curriculum, conduct boards will also use these programs to uphold the tenants of the curriculum as well. Members will serve to develop themselves through opportunities presented to them throughout their time of service. Students recruited for the conduct boards will be those students who share an interest in making the Residence Halls at Northern Illinois a place where all students can live, learn, and feel included with a sense of welcome and safety.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Northern Illinois University Residential Communities Conduct Boards is to assist in the process of growing students through proactive educational opportunities for residents; upholding Community Standards; hearing cases involving potential violations of those standards; and creatively, educationally, and developmentally sanctioning residence hall students after a violation of standards has occurred.

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