FAQ: Assignments

FAQ Assignments

May I see a room before I move in for the fall semester?

Yes. At New Student Orientation during the summer, student rooms will be available for viewing in New Hall, Gilbert Hall, Grant Towers, Stevenson Towers, and Neptune Hall.

When will I receive my assignment?

Both new and continuing students have the opportunity to use a on-line program to select their own room. New students who have already completed the application process will be sent a letter late in the Spring semester to confirm their room selection time and the process. Each student with an active application is assigned a lottery number that will identify the day(s) on which they may go on-line to select a room. Students may select a room on their lottery day or any date after that during which the on-line option is still available. New students who apply for Housing after the beginning of April, will have about 1 week between the time they complete the application process and the time they will be sent notification that they are authorized to go back on line to select their room. Once notified that their application is active the student will have 30 days to complete room selection After 30 days any student who has not completed room selection will be administratively assigned to a room based on space available at that time.

When will I receive my room and roommate information?

Specific roommate information will be forwarded to all residents for Fall semester approximately two to three weeks prior to the start of the semester. If this information is different than the roommate information that was on you initial room assignment confirmation, it means your original roommate has canceled their contract or requested a room change since that time. The final information will contain the specific residence hall room assignment, telephone number for that room, as well as your roommate’s name and home address. At that time, you may contact your new roommate to introduce yourself. Because space is limited, it is a good idea to discuss what each roommate plans to bring, so you don’t end up with two televisions, two stereos, etc. Roommate information for the spring semester is included with the housing information.

What if I am unhappy with my room assignment?

If you want to request a room change before Fall semester begins, you can email the Residential Administration office at housingdining@niu.edu  from your NIU Z ID account. Approximately once a month during the summer the on-line room selection site is suspended so that we can process room changes that have been requested. Room changes are processed based on space available. If you are requesting to be moved to an open space so that you can be placed with a specific roommate, both students need to email our office and state that they are requesting each other as roommates. Roommate matches are not processed until we have verification of the request form all students involved.

Should you desire a room change after the school year has begun, you will have the opportunity to do so after the first ten days of the semester, or after all residents in interim housing have been accommodated in permanent assignments. At that time, should you want to change rooms or discuss a living situation that is causing you concern, you should talk with your Community Advisor. He/she will advise you how to proceed, depending upon your specific situation.

May I obtain a single room?

A limited number of single rooms or double-as-single rooms are available in all halls. You may select a single room when you are in the on-line room selection site as long as space is available. If there are no single options available when you select you room you you can email the Residential Administration office at housingdining@niu.edu  from your NIU Z ID account and state that you would like to be put on the wait list for a single room and/or double-as-single room. Our office will contact you if and when a space becomes available. Wait list offers are made on a first come first served basis.

Am I required to live in the halls my freshman year?

All single students classified as freshmen (under 30 hours of college credit) who will not have reached their 21st birthday by September 1 and are not residing with their parents or legal guardians, must live in University residence halls as long as space is available. If students required to live on campus do not apply for housing and select a room, they can be charged for the full room rate.

How can I arrange to live with my preferred roommate?

When selecting your room on line coordinate with your preferred roommate to select a room for both of you at the same time. One person will need to acquire the preferred roommate's registration information and select the room for both roommates.