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Graduate Assistant for Living-Learning Communities

Department Mission

Housing and Residential Services is committed to providing a safe, supportive, and educationally empowering community where students can learn, grow, and be successful within a complex and diverse world. Through our facilities, programs, and the collaborative efforts of our staff, student leaders, and campus partners, we promote respect, individuality, and personal responsibility.

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Mission

In alliance with the educational mission of Northern Illinois University, the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management creates student learning opportunities beyond the classroom that inspire intellectual, personal, and civic growth for leadership in a diverse and complex world.

The Position

The Graduate Assistant for Living-Learning Communities (LLC) is a ten and a half month live-on graduate assistantship and is supervised by the Assistant Director for Residential Education. This position involves a level of accessibility and accountability to students and staff in accordance with assisting faculty and hall staff in the development and operation of Living-Learning Communities, developing and managing the department’s contributions to the First Year Success Series, and serving on committees for Housing and Residential Services. The position requires day and evening responsibilities and the ability to have direct interactions with professional staff, faculty, student leaders, students, and Community Advisors. The Graduate Assistant creates a programming series focusing on first year transitions, provides training for LLC House Leaders, collaborates with campus partners, and works with committees and groups to make recommendations about changes, modifications, and additions in how those groups and programs function and operate as a part of Residential Life.


  1. Advising:
    1. Coordinates, assists, and evaluates initiatives for LLCs and associated academic or educational groups.
    2. Assists in the administrative, developmental, and operations management of LLCs and associated academic or educational groups. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, acting as an advisor to a student group or providing or leading developmental programs or academic success/support endeavors.
  2. Leadership:
    1. Actively participates as a member of the Residential Life Team to assure active and productive student committees and groups.
    2. Attends various House and staff meetings to get to know the staff and serve as a resource.
    3. Promotes the development of a civil, welcoming, just, and diverse residential community.
    4. Coordinates student excursions from campus to ensure safe, organized, and administratively sound field trips from campus.
    5. Develops the Housing and Residential Services components of the First Year Success Series and collaborates with FYE & Orientation to meet publishing deadlines.
    6. Collaborates with FYE & Orientation and Housing and Residential Services to implement residential initiatives related to the Common Reading Experience.
    7. Represents Housing and Residential Services as a member of the Mid-Semester Check committee.
    8. Supports the mission, policies, and procedures of the department and the university.
  3. Counseling:
    1. Counsels, advises, and/or refers residents regarding personal and academic matters.
    2. Familiarizes oneself with the rules, regulations, resources, and constitutions of floor, hall, area, and system wide student organizations.
    3. Serves as a resource to the LLCs in the planning of off-campus events for the purpose of budgeting, transportation, and other logistics.
  4. Developing and Presenting Training:
    1. Partners with LLC faculty and staff to plan House Leader orientation and training for fall and spring semesters.
    2. Assists with the planning of training for LLC House Coordinators and Faculty Advisors.
    3. Actively assists in the creation of staff development sessions and or retreats for LLCs.
    4. Trains Community Advisors and other Residential Life staff on working with LLCs.
  5. Organizational Responsibilities:
    1. Assists with administrative paperwork from groups within her or his supervision or partnership, (i.e. purchase orders, contracts, reports, registration forms, travel requests, travel advances, etc.)
    2. Establishes and maintains regularly scheduled office hours.
    3. Implements the marketing plan for LLCs.
    4. Maintains and updates the LLC manual on a semester basis.
    5. Maintains and distributes LLC contact roster.
    6. Maintains Blackboard presence by monitoring and responding to discussion threads, posting updates, posting events to the calendar, and updating the policies and procedures on a regular or as needed basis.
    7. Coordinates the production of Housing and Residential Services LLC Annual Report and the collection of individual LLC Annual Reports.
    8. Assists in the development and production of the LLC brochure and LLC content in various other publications.
  6. Assessment:
    1. Collaborates with assessment staff in conducting and analyzing assessments to determine accomplishment of program learning outcomes.
    2. Assists LLCs in assessing their individual learning outcomes.
    3. Coordinates House Coordinator and Faculty Advisor evaluation processes.
    4. Assists with House Leader evaluations.
  7. Interpersonal Skills:
    1. Develops and demonstrates some understanding of student development theory.
    2. Demonstrates maturity, professionalism, and positive communication skills when working with faculty, campus partners, students, and peers.
    3. Displays initiative in planning programs, assessing student needs, and working with campus partners.
    4. Furthers her or his own professional development by participating in departmental and divisional training and professional development opportunities.
  8. Departmental Representation:
    1. Serves on departmental or Divisional committees related to LLCs or based on personal interest or professional development.
    2. Attends Open Houses and other related events to represent the interests of the LLCs or department.


  • Admitted to NIU’s graduate school and enrolled in a graduate course of study.
  • Preference will be given to graduate students pursuing a degree in Counseling, Adult and Higher Education, but those pursuing in a closely related field or discipline at Northern Illinois University will be considered.


  • Experience working with students of diverse educational, racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.


A 10.5 month, 20 hours per week position includes:
  • Start Date: July 15, 2016
  • Salary: $1,000 per month ($500 distributed semi-monthly.)
  • Housing in residence hall: Yes; usually a furnished one-bedroom apartment.
  • Meal Plan: While Campus Dining Services locations are in operation.
  • Other Benefits: Tuition waiver (excluding any associated fees) and professional development funds; summer employment may also be available.


Send application materials (cover letter, resume, and listing of three professional references) to:

Patricia A. R. Martinez
Director for Residential Communities
Housing and Residential Services
Neptune East Suite 145
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115
Office: (815) 753-1526
Fax: (815)753-9226

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