CA Hiring Process


Hiring Timeline and Process

Offer Letters Out

Letters are projected to go out April 5, 2015. This letter will outline an offer to a specific complex, an offer to be in the alternate pool, or no offer.

Position Acceptance due

If you are offered a Community Advisor/Community Development Assistant position or alternate position, you must return your acceptance on April 10, 2015 following the instructions outlined in the letter.

Alternate Pool/No Hires

Being placed in the alternate pool means that you are eligible for positions that may open up over the summer or throughout the school year. Many candidates are picked up from the alternate pool and go on to become great CA/CDAs!

A "no hire" letter means that you are not eligible for the CA/CDA position for the coming school year. Check out our additional employment opportunities for ways to continue your student leadership experience.

Training and Expectations for new hires

April Training Sessions

April training sessions will be held Wednesdays (with the excption of one traing session being held on Saturday, April 25, 2015April 8th, 15th22nd & 29th. If you are unable to attend any or all of these three dates a makeup session will be offered on April 27th. If you accept a position, you will need to attend these training sessions. Alternate candidates are welcome to attend as well.

Paperwork Meeting

A new CA/CDA meeting will be held on April 24th to complete paperwork necessary to become an employee of the university.