Research Lab for the Study of the Consequences of Trauma Exposure

330 Psychology/Computer Science Building
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Focus of the CTE Lab

More than half of men and women report experiencing exposure to at least one traumatic event during their lifetime, for example, rape, car accident, natural disaster. A question I am particularly interested in is, “What are the consequences of exposure to trauma?” This leads to a number of related and important questions such as, “Why do some people develop a long-term negative reaction (such as nightmares) while others seem more resilient to trauma exposure?” Are people who have experienced a trauma more likely to experience more trauma exposure?

Some research suggests that women who are exposed to a trauma such as child sexual abuse seem to be more vulnerable to additional trauma such as adult sexual victimization. How can we understand and prevent this from happening? How do people cope with upsetting thoughts and feelings related to trauma exposure? Are some forms of coping more likely to result in additional problems? Why do some people forgive those who harm them and is that good for your health to do so?

These are some of the questions that I am investigating in my lab. Opportunities available for undergraduate research assistants include assisting with study design, data collection, and data entry. Students participate in regular lab meetings during which research studies will be developed and critiqued, and relevant literature will be discussed.

Undergraduate Research Day 2010


Undergraduate Research Day 2010

Current Graduate Students

  • Lynsey Miron
  • Susan Hannan
  • Derrecka Butler
  • Antonia Seligowski 

Previous Graduate Students

  • Holly Harris
  • Marilyn Garcia
  • Scott Pickett
  • Nicolette Howells
  • Brooke Pope Kurby
  • Madhavi Reddy
  • Mandy Kumpula
  • Ruth Varkovitzky (honorary member of my lab)
  • David Call
  • Joe Bardeen

Undergraduate Opportunities

Psyc 485 for credit,
non-credit also available

Applications in my office