Scholarship Application

Scholarship & Tuition Waiver Application
for Current University Honors Students

Application Deadline is Sunday, November 30, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. (No late applications will be accepted.)

Check below all scholarship and tuition awards for which you wish to be considered.
See descriptions and award criteria.


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Start Date at NIU:  (mm/yyyy) Month/Year of your first semester of study at NIU
Graduation Date:  (mm/yyyy) Month/year of your anticipated NIU graduation date
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Academic and Extracurricular Activities

List all NIU academic and extracurricular activities including (but not limited to): honor societies, departmental clubs, volunteer and community service, social activism, visual or performing arts, employment, etc.

Please indicate name of activity; whether it is academic or extra/co-curricular; an estimate of how much time is devoted to the activity (example: 2x/wk.); and any leadership positions held.

List any honors or special recognitions:


All students must submit a 500-word (one-page) essay that clearly addresses any special criteria in the scholarship or tuition waiver description as well as all of the following points:

  • Briefly outline your educational and career goals.
  • Since you have been a member of the University Honors Program at NIU, what activities and events have you attended or participated in?
  • Discuss special contributions you have made to your school or community and how your activities will impact the future of Northern Illinois University or your community.
  • Discuss any additional important experience(s) which has contributed positively to your growth as an individual or student.

Applicants for University Honors House Leader or the University Honors Fellow positions must complete an additional essay (up to 500 or 1000-words dependant upon the position) that addresses the points identified under “Award Specific Criteria” in the descriptions for these positions. If aplying to be a Transfer Fellow, please submit a letter of reccomendation from the Director of your Honors Program addressed to Dr. J.D. Bowers. Please send it via e-mail to

By completing and submitting this application form, you are certifying the information you have provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Your submission of the scholarship application gives Northern Illinois University permission to verify your academic and judicial records. Northern Illinois University may promote the names of scholarship recipients in local and community publications.