Peer Mentor Program

Get Involved, Become a Peer Mentor!


Who is eligible?

  • First-year students
    (including freshmen and transfer students)

What are the benefits?

First-year students will receive advice, information and support in regards to:

  • Academics
    (i.e., tips about professors, classes, etc.)
  • NIU community and campus
    (i.e., tips about joining clubs, receiving free resources, finding shortcuts to class, etc.)
  • Professional networking opportunities
    (i.e., Learning about internships, meeting influential faculty, etc.)

How can you become involved?

Please complete the application and email it to


Who is eligible?

  • Sophomores, Juniors and seniors in the University Honors Program who desire to share their experience and guide first-year students

What are the benefits?

  • Using personal experience to make a difference
    (i.e., sharing choices that positively influenced your college career, paths they should avoid, etc.)
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Strengthening leadership abilities
  • Networking with faculty advisors
  • Forming relationships with other mentors in your college

How can you become involved?

Please complete the application and email it to

Time Commitment

The requirements for those involved are minimal, allowing the mentors and mentees the freedom to structure the relationship how they see fit. However for those seeking to become more involved, there will be opportunities to serve on leadership committees, refine teambuilding skills, and bond socially.

“Peer mentoring has made a huge impact on my success in nursing school. My mentor not only gave me solid advice and kept my moral up when classes got tough but we also became great friends!”
-Faith Stauersboll, 2011-2012 Mentee

“Being a mentor is the most rewarding experience I have been a part of here at NIU. Working with new students and passing along my knowledge and wisdom is so enjoyable. Mentoring provides positive guidance for students as they begin their path at NIU.”
-Lauren Sikes, 2012-2013 Mentor

Responsibilities of a Peer Mentor:

  • Represent the University Honors Program in a professional manner; model tradition, excellence, and community; successfully complete respective program options.
  • Attend the Peer Mentor Program Retreat and Meet and Greet sessions in the beginning of the fall semester; assist with the coordination of an annual Peer Mentor Conference
  • Attend Peer Mentor Program events and monthly training sessions as scheduled; submit monthly reports to the Peer Mentor Program Adviser
  • Assist Mentees in becoming familiar with University resources, particularly those offered by the University Honors Program
  • Be a source of support for his/her mentee(s); provide academic advice and information; encourage social involvement with student organizations; share insights based on one's NIU experience 
  • Engage Mentees, at minimum, on a weekly basis, with preference given to face to face interaction; be available for formal and informal interactions 
  • Take on other duties as assigned