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Capstone Workshop

These 30-minute information sessions are designed to prepare you for your culminating academic experience as a student in the University Honors Program, as well as give you the opportunity to ask questions and prepare for the project.

Students must attend one of these sessions in order to obtain the Capstone Project Proposal and application forms. In certain exceptional circumstances, a student can arrange for an independent meeting to discuss their project in more detail.  

Finally, Capstone submissions must be presented no later than the second week of the semester in which the Capstone is being undertaken.

Workshop Agenda

  • The capstone experience is in the format of an independent study in your individual discipline.
    • Many departments/majors already require a Capstone experience, and while this suffices as our Capstone as well, we do still require submission of paperwork for approval, project overview and final submission.
  • The project requires:
    • Research (in all projects)
    • Artistry (if appropriate)
    • Substantial writing (in all projects)
    • Submission of final paper, objects, video, etc., as appropriate
  • How to conceive of your project?
    • Research question(s)
    • Demonstration of artistry
    • Outreach to faculty mentors
  • The Capstone proposal
    • Six steps development and timeframe
    • Submission of materials to University Honors
  • Examples of previous Capstone submissions
    • Capstone library
  • Potential financial support for Capstone projects
    • University Honors EYE Grants
    • USOAR Grants
    • Other potential sources?
  • What are the outcomes and benefits of a Capstone project?
  • Questions & answers


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