Fall 2014 Stand-alone Courses    

Summer & Fall Upper Division Seminars

Course Number Course Title Instructor
HIST 399 (Summer)
Alcohol: The History in America  Barleen
UHHS 460 (Summer)
Human Sciences Braun
GEOL 399
Honors Volcanology Walker
HIST 399
Honors Seminar: World War I Wingfield
Topics: Waterworlds McKee
KNPE 393
Social Aspects of Sport Gilson
PHYS 359
Environmental Physics Fortner
SOCI 361
Race and Ethnicity Weffer

Honors-only Upper Division Courses

Course Number Course Title Instructor
STAT 350 Introduction to Probability and Statistics Myers

Honors-only for Majors Only

Course Number Course Title Instructor
AHRS 493 Counseling in Rehabilitative Services Long

Lower Division Honors Courses

Course Number Course Title Instructor
ARTH 282
Introduction to the Visual Arts: Introduction to World Art Van Dijk
BIOS 208
Fundamentals of Biology I Stafstrom
CHEM 210
General Chemistry/Recitation Sunderlin
COMS 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication Anderson
FCNS 280
Human Development, the Family, and Society Miller
MATH 229/297
Calculus I/Directed Study Kong
PHYS 162
Elementary Astronomy Hedin
PHYS 253
Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics Brown
THEA 203
Introduction to Theatre Schneider
UNIV 105
Introduction to Library and Information Research Hovde