Spring 2014 Stand-alone Courses    

Upper Division Seminars

Course Number Course Title Instructor
ARTH 452 Topics In Art History: Medieval Art (PDF) Van Dijk
BIOS 493 Topics in Biology: Great Adventures in Biological Diversity (PDF) Stafstrom
COMS 401 Critism of Public Rhetoric (PDF) Bryan
ENGL 335 Non-Western and Third-World Literature (PDF) Renk
ENGL 400 Literary Topics (PDF) Balcerzak
HIST 386 History of Human Rights (PDF) Fehrenbach
ILAS 399H Topics in Liberal Arts and Sciences (PDF) Glenn
KNPE 399H Honors Seminar (PDF) Wright
PHYS 359 Special Topics in Physics (PDF) Welsh
POLS 359 War, Empire, and Ethics (PDF) Radasanu
SOCI 395 Contemporary Topics in Sociology (PDF) Rodgers

Honors-only Upper Divsion Courses

Course Number Course Title Instructor
STAT 350 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (PDF) Myers

Honors-only for Majors Only

Course Number Course Title Instructor
AHRS 327 Introduction to Rehabilitation Services (PDF) Boutin
AHRS 493 Counseling in Rehabilitation Services (PDF) Long
FCNS 438 Parent Education (PDF) Xie

Lower Division Honors Courses

Course Number Course Title Instructor
ANTH 240 General Physical Anthropology (PDF) Porter
CHEM 211 General Chemistry (PDF) Ballantine
COMS 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (PDF) Anderson
COMS 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (PDF) Pierce
ECON 261 Principles of Macroeconomics (PDF) Mohabbat
ENGL 105 Rhetoric and Composition: Creative Nonfiction (PDF) Bradley
ENG 115 Masterpieces of British Literature (PDF) Schaeffer
EPFE 201 Education as an Agent for Change (PDF) Cisneros
FCNS 201 Human Nutrition (PDF) Umoren
HIST 261 America History Since 1865 (PDF) Littauer
MATH 230/297 Calculus II Benson
MUHL 220 Introduction to Music (PDF) Nelson
PHIL 231 Contemporary Moral Issues (PDF) Hanna
PHYS 253 Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics (PDF) Lurio
POLS 150 Democracy in America  Seagrave
PSYC 102 Introduction to Psychology (PDF) Jones
THEA 203 Introduction to Theatre (PDF) Krueger