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The University Honors Program celebrated its 40th anniversary in the spring of 2011 with a large alumni gathering in Naperville. The anniversary energized efforts by the University Honors Program to reconnect its nearly 4,000 alumni with each other, NIU's campus and the Honors Program faculty, staff and students.

The University Honors Program seeks to engage its alumni in Honors alumni events as well as providing guidance to Honors staff in the form of an advisory board. The Honors Program also wishes to involve alumni interested in sharing their expertise and experiences with current students as mentors, guest lecturers, and/or adjunct faculty.

Enthusiasm for the affinity group has led to the establishment of social networking groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Yahoo.


The mission of the Northern Illinois University Honors Program Alumni Affinity Group is to re-connect and engage Honors alumni with each other and the NIU Honors Program. These goals will be accomplished through internet and in-person networking events, and through establishing the group's presence with the NIU Alumni Association and Honors Program.


The Honors Alumni Council will facilitate the planning of networking events in Chicagoland and university-focused events such as an annual tailgating tent at homecoming, as well as other involvement in the University Honors Program.


Honors Alumni Council President - Steve Vesta
Honors Program Office Manager - Joanne Ganshirt


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