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The Honors Capstone

As an honors student, you will apply the finishing touch to your last year of undergraduate work with a special "capstone" course - an individualized project, thesis or study undertaken with the supervision of a faculty member of your choice.

Examples of Recent University Honors Capstones:

College of Business:

The Feasibility of a Student Employed Not-for-Profit Consulting Business Run out of the NIU College of Business

College of Education:

The Price of Silence: Safety and Societal Problems Caused by the Lack of Discussion about LGBT Issues in Schools

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology:

Design and Material Selection for a CO2-Powered Portable Beverage Cooler

College of Health and Human Sciences:

Equine Therapy: An Alternative Approach to Traditional Therapies

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:

How to Save the World: A Memoir of Volunteerism in Guatemala

The Degradation of Rubisco during Senescence of Common Crop Plants

College of Visual and Performing Arts:

Kaleidoscope Heart: An Exercise in Perception through Optics

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NOTE: Students completing the capstone are required to make an appointment with the assistant director for advising and to obtain the capstone approval (signature) page that must accompany the capstone application.