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In an exceedingly complex and interconnected world, the University Honors Program is dedicated to advancing the international education of its students. Fundamentally, there is considerable intellectual value in learning about the diverse peoples, cultures, languages, countries, and experiences that span the globe. At the same time, there is a compelling practical dimension to global learning. University Honors graduates who understand the world and can interact effectively across national borders will be well-positioned to compete for the jobs of the twenty-first century. Furthermore, both individual and national well-being will be increasingly tied to a capacity to work collaboratively with foreign citizens to address a broad range of challenging global issues. For these reasons, the University Honors Program is strongly committed to developing, supporting, and promoting international education opportunities.

Study Abroad with University Honors

We are excited to announce four short-term study abroad opportunities for summer 2014!

Live and Learn in Canada. The primary purpose of this program is to introduce University Honors Freshmen and Sophomores to the richness of Canadian culture as it is manifested in the beautiful, international city of Montreal. This major metropolitan center enjoys a distinctly French Canadian identity, strong Canadian English influences, and a truly global character as represented by its considerable ethnic, linguistic, and religious diversity. Knowledge of French is not necessary to participate in this program. This short-term study abroad experience will introduce participants to five areas of Montreal life as a city: (1) art and architecture, (2) government and politics (with attention to history and culture), (3) healthcare, (4) business community, and (5) sport. By completing the selected course – ILAS 290 or ILAS 399 – University Honors students can satisfy the Honors Seminar requirement for Upper Division Honors. Applications are due March 28, 2014 and can be found here

For further information, please contact: NIU Study Abroad Office, or Dr. Anne Birberick, the faculty program director, annie@niu.edu.

Live and Learn in China. This study abroad opportunity is coordinated by the University Honors program and will provide students with an opportunity to learn in Beijing, Xi'an (Terra Cotta Warriors), and two universities in Chongquing and Taigu.  Students will study Chinese history, culture, film/cinema, environmental issues, agricultural issues, globalization, resources, geography, government, China's social policies, family life, religion, law, music, art, and martial arts.  Students will be assigned a Chinese partner who will work with them in China and students will work with this partner when they travel to the US for a study abroad program in July.  This opportunity is limited to 20 students and is open to University Honors students as well as non-University Honors students who otherwise fit the program's criteria. Applications are due April 4, 2014. Applications will be available mid-March. Check the study abroad office website for more details.  

For further information please contact: NIU Study Abroad Office or Professor J.D. Bowers, the faculty program director, jbowersi@niu.edu.

Live and Learn in the Netherlands. This study abroad opportunity that is coordinated by the University Honors Program provides real-world and engaged learning in the fields of genocide studies, history, international justice, and conflict resolution. Students will attend on-going trials at ICTY and ICC, visit the International Peace Palace, engage in intensive workshops, lectures, museum visits, a case-study, write Advocacy Policy Briefs, and interact with policy and academic staff from tribunals, embassies, NGOs and universities. Students can receive undergraduate credit (POLS 498, CLCE 30), graduate credit (POLS 798), or independent study credit. This is opportunity is open to University Honors students as well as non-University Honors Students who otherwise fit the program's criteria. Applications are due March 28, 2014 and can be found here.

For further information, please contact: NIU Study Abroad Office, or Professor J.D. Bowers, jbowersi@niu.edu or Professor Laura Heideman, lheideman@niu.edu.

Live and Learn in Ghana. This University Honors-affiliated program is offered in conjunction with the NIU Center for Non-Government Organization Leadership and Development (NGOLD) and the Center for Black Studies in collaboration with the University for Development Studies (UDS) in Tamale, Ghana. Students will be introduced to the historical, cultural, artistic, and socioeconomic and developmental foundations of West African civilizations.  Students will be given the opportunity to immerse themselves in Ghanaian society as they explore questions related to history, culture, and development.  Students can enroll in CLCE 390, 410, or 498 (Honors sections for all courses are also an option). Applications are due June 1, 2014 and can be found here.

For further information, please contact: NIU Study Abroad Office, or Professor LaVerne Gyant, lgyant@niu.edu, or Professor Ismael Montana, Montana@niu.edu.

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Kasey Twine
Caitin Cavannaugh
Chris Adam Jackson
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Study Abroad Travel Grant for Summer 2014

We are excited to announce the Summer 2014 Study Abroad Travel Grants exclusive for University Honors Students! View the Summer 2014 Study Abroad Grant application to learn about requirements and deadlines.

Study Abroad 101

Every Wednesday and Thursday at 3:30 the Study Abroad Office hosts Study Abroad 101. Join the Study Abroad Office in Williston 417 where you can ask questions and learn more about studying abroad.

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