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Homeland Security Resources

Local and State Resources

Dupage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management: The Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management coordinates the operations of all governmental and non-governmental agencies in Dupage county during times of emergency and provides the unique skills and capabilities related to disaster preparedness.

Illinois Citizen Corps: Because we all have a role in hometown security, Citizen Corps asks you to embrace the personal responsibility to be prepared; to get training in first aid and emergency skills; and to volunteer to support local emergency responders, disaster relief, and community safety.

Illinois Homeland Security: The State of Illinois' main portal to information about Illinois Homeland Security and emergency preparedness.

Illinois Department of Public Health Emergency Preparedness: General resources for download on emergency preparedness, as well as a number of local and national links of public health and homeland security interest.

Illinois Public Health Association: Information regarding public health in Illinois including several publications, programs, and events.

Illinois Sheriffs Association: The Illinois Sheriffs' Association, a non-profit organization providing professional development, resources, and support for organizations sharing the mission to keep Illinois safe.

Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police: Information, resources, events, and contacts for the public and officials.

Illinois Nurses Association: The voice of Illinois nurses for over 100 years, includes information, continuing education opportunities, events, and coverage of issues effecting nurses in Illinois.

State of Illinois Emergency Management Association: Direct resource for information about the State of Illinois planning, strategy, publications, and training activities for emergency management in Illinois.

State of Illinois Division of Nuclear Safety: A leader in the U.S. in the area of nuclear safety, this division provides information, monitoring, policies and news regarding the nuclear safety in Illinois.

Illinois Medical Emergency Response Team: Offers news, emergency response training, and other resources for medical emergency response in Illinois.

National Resources

The National Neighborhood Watch Organization: Made possible by a cooperative agreement between the National Sheriffs' Association and the Department of Justice, information is provided to assist citizens in organizing local Neighborhood Watch programs, recognizing and reporting suspicious activity including the detection of potential terrorist activity, and making preparedness a priority.

Homeland Security Digital Library: Sponsored by FEMA, this clearinghouse for homeland security information is an excellent searchable database of public information.

Alerts USA: Mobile alerts service specializing in terrorism, emergency and disaster updates.

National Business Group on Health: Resources for business and corporations on best practices for and trends in emergency prevention, mitigation, and recovery within an organization.

Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce: A collection of publicly available information from public health organizations, U.S. government agencies, and health sciences libraries.

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program: A program of exercises to help evaluate your organization's readiness as well as information on how to create an internal simulation program.

National Crime Prevention Council: Organization devoted to helping citizens keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from crime of all kinds.

Ready.Gov: Downloadable kits and information on how to design emergency plans for your organization or family.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Credible public health and diseases information from the U.S. government.