Foundation Courses - NIU - Homeland Security

Foundations Courses

"The simulations are wonderful; it puts things in perspective and makes me remember that this is a real place in the world, a real situation - more so than a text book could do."

-- Jeannine Szostak, 36 years old, pursuing a Technology Degree

The Foundations in Homeland Security and Disaster Preparedness courses combine modern technology with proven tactics for engagement and learning. You'll benefit from interactive demonstrations showing you what happens to small towns when a tornado hits or watch as chemical gas spreads through a large corporation.

You'll have access to your instructor daily and participate in group discussions focusing on current world issues pertaining to disaster preparedness, emergency management, and homeland security.

Both the undergraduate and graduate foundation courses provide an introduction to the field of homeland security, disaster preparedness, and emergency management. Students discuss the following types of disasters in detail.

  • Naturally occurring: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods
  • Human-made: acts of terrorism, violence, chemical releases
  • Business interruption: power outages, transportation issues

The foundations courses are the first of several core courses you'll take to meet certificate requirements. For full listings of core and elective courses required in your track, visit your specific certificate track.