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By completing a Homeland Security certificate, you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to handle disasters at your own front door or in your workplace. Building and sustaining a safe, local environment means being prepared for natural disasters, business interruptions, and even acts of terrorism.

Preparation today equals a safer tomorrow.

Specialized tracks focused on emergency management and disaster preparedness:

  • Biochemical Sciences: hands on biochemical lab experience and an up-to-date geopolitical perspective for practical, research based solutions to twenty-first century world problems
  • Emergency Management and Response: industrial risk management and decision analysis as a means of planning for crises in the industrial workplace
  • Environmental and Hazards Risk Assessment: a combined geographical systems and computer securities focus with an emphasis on the methodologies of risk management and results analysis
  • Health Sciences: public and environmental health and planning with the goal of serving and aiding a community facing or dealing with a crisis

Most are available at the graduate and undergraduate level.

Completing a professional certificate in Homeland Security trains you to do the following:

  • Develop homeland security policies and procedures and implement them in your workplace
  • Identify hazards and risks associated with many types of emergencies
  • Advise organizations on risk management, preparation, response, and recovery strategies
  • Understand conditions which lead to terrorist activity and other human-made disasters

Individuals working in these areas are ideal candidates for pursuing emergency response expertise:

  • Emergency first responders and security professionals interested in specialized training
  • Business and industry administrators who recognize that risk management and emergency planning are imperative for the continued success of their organizations
  • Undergraduate and graduate students on a leadership track career
  • Concerned citizens, individuals involved in neighborhood planning and watch organizations responsible for the safety of their neighborhoods and communities