Undergraduate Programs


Students interested in declaring a History major or minor must meet with one of the departmental advisors during the scheduled office hours listed below.  All students wishing to declare a History major will be asked to go to Founders Memorial Library to locate and check out a book on history, and to bring this to the advisor, before a major declaration form is filled out.  This is to ensure that any student who wants to study history knows the basics about using the library.  It is not possible to succeed academically as a History major without spending substantial time in the library and learning how to use the library catalog and history-related databases.

Director of Undergraduate Studies:

  • Valerie Garver 
    ZH 707
    (815) 753-6823
    Office Hours: Mon & Wed 1:30-4:30; Fri 9:00-9:50 & 11:00-12:00

Assistant Undergraduate Advisor:

  • David Downs
    ZH 616
    (815) 753-0858
    Office Hours: Mon - Thur 11:00-4:00

Teacher Certification Advisor:

  • Frank Bell
    ZH 622
    (815) 753-6576
    Office Hours: Mon & Tues 8:00-4:30; Thurs 8:00-12:00