Teacher Certification

Student Teaching Description and Policies

Student teaching consists of fourteen (14)  weeks of on-site teaching, including four or five classes per day plus assuming all of the responsibilities of your Cooperating Teacher (grading, study hall, lunch duty, etc.) during that time.  In short, you become the teacher.

During this final clinical experience, you will be registered for 12 credit hours, and the experience will be unpaid.

While students are no longer attending classes at NIU, there are five days of pre- and post-teaching workshops (two days at the beginning of the semester and three at the end, including the Exit Interview) and four seminar meetings (M 4:30-6:30).

The student teaching experience really begins the semester before you student teach, when you are taking the Secondary Teaching Methods course and your third clinical placement (ILAS 401 Third Clinical).  Students will be placed in the same school and work with the same teacher(s) for this clinical as they will for their student teaching.

Student teachers are observed seven times by one of our five University Supervisors.  These observations will include a written report, a pre and post-lesson discussion, and discussions with your Cooperating Teacher as needed.