Teacher Certification

Student Teaching

Things to Know Before You Apply

Our office determines both the section of Secondary Teaching Methods that you will be enrolled in and your placement for the final clinical and student teaching.  You are expected to make sure that you have both time periods free for enrollment in Methods (this includes rearranging employment, conflicts with other courses, etc.). 

You do not have any input into your placement due to the growing number of students in our program, the shrinking number of available schools and cooperating teachers, new state requirements for diversity of placements and the need to ensure that all program graduate meet stringent state standards.

Any questions regarding the application process or our program policies should be directed to Dr. Bowers before the submission deadline (jbowersi@niu.edu or 753-6655; Office Hours are posted on the Department Website)

Late applications will be accepted but only after all other placements are made and only if there is space remaining.

Applying for ILAS 401 and History 400

Students who intend to student teach (History 400) are required to file an ILAS 401/HIST 496/HIST 400 Application.  This will lead to enrollment in Teaching Methods at the Secondary Level Grades 6-12 (HIST 496 and all cross-listed sections of that course).

Applications must be submitted two semesters in advance of the student's scheduled student teaching semester.  Typically students enrolled in ILAS 301 complete the student teaching application.

Students applying to ILAS 401/History 400 must download and save and electronic copy of the application materials.  They are then required to submit a single paper copy of all requested materials to Dr. Bowers. 

Dr. Bowers will suggest changes/corrections and notify students when and where they can pick up their applications. Students will then have one week to make the requested revisions and to submit the final six copies to Dr. Bowers.

Application Materials

  • Directions on How to Fill Out the Application
  • Sample Application
  • Student Teacher Personal Information Sheet
  • ILAS 401/Student Teaching Application 

Completed Application Submissions

A completed submission consists of:

  • 6 copies of the application form (all parts)
  • 6 copies of your unofficial NIU transcripts (NOT your DARS report) 
  • The copies of the application and the unofficial transcripts must be collated and stapled
  • One copy of the Student Teaching Information Sheet (paper-clipped to the first application packet)
  • One copy of the Student Teacher Personal Information Sheet (also paper-clipped to the first application packet)
  • Evidence that you are free of tuberculosis (tb), submit original copy of TB results which documents negative test results that will be valid at the time you begin student teaching (test is good for one year), also paper clipped to the first application packet. 
  • FERPA Form to our office you will also be required to submit one copy, paper-clipped to your top application packet. 
  • Students who do not follow these instructions precisely will have their materials returned to them for correction.  

Application Deadlines

Student teaching applications are not currently available.  Please check back regularly for updated