Teacher Certification

Student Teaching: Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I want to be placed in the school of my choice.  How do I go about this?

A:  Student teaching placement is entirely at the discretion of the program.  You may not be able to live in DeKalb or at home.  We have to place you where we have available openings.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  This means that you are not going to be able to make your own selection of schools and you should not even attempt to arrange such a placement.  We have many factors that we consider in making our placements.

Q:  I need to take a semester off between methods and student teaching, can I do this?

A:  No.  Once you accept a scheduled student teaching slot, you are locked.  If you cannot complete your program on time (failure to pass exams, grades, withdraw from school for a semester, etc.) you will lose your placement and are not assured of immediate future placement.

Q:  I heard that I can get my student fees refunded when I student teach.  Is this true?

A: Yes.  For students who meet specific requirements, you may apply for a partial refund of university fees.  See Office of the Bursar Petition for Partial Refunds.

Q:  Can I student teach in a state other than Illinois?

A: No.