Teacher Certification



Students who are already pursuing or who already have a Social Science Certificate

Students completing the Secondary (6-12) Teacher Certification programs in one of the seven disciplines of the Social Science certification areas will be given their Initial Teaching Certificate (type 09) by the State of Illinois in Social Studies with an endorsement in the field of their major discipline (e.g Social Studies: History). 

Our program also builds both a Middle School endorsement and a middle school Social Studies endorsement into the program completion requirements.  Endorsements in United States History and World History are also built into the program completion requirements.  Thus every student who completes the program will have earned sufficient course credits for all of these endorsements as a matter of course.  The student must still pass a content exam in order to assure themselves of the endorsement from the state.

Before leaving the program, however, students  may wish to earn additional endorsements in any of the other social science certification areas, thus working toward consideration as a  "highly qualified" teacher.  This can be done by taking enough coursework to pass the ISBE Content Test in the chosen area. The endorsement process is currently under review by ISBE and will most likely be changing in the coming months.  We will do our best to keep you informed as to these changes and their impact on your program.

Teachers who have responsibility for teaching even one section of the following NCLB areas must demonstrate highly qualified status to teach that core content area(s): Civics and Government, Economics, Geography and History.