Teacher Certification

Frequently Asked Questions - Endorsement

Q.  What are the requirements to add a "subsequent" endorsement in social science to a pending or already issued social science certificate?

A.  One must pass the ISBE Content Area test in the chosen field.  There are no coursework requirements to take the test (other than the courses required by our program).

Q. How well does the program, with its Social Science coursework requirements, prepare me for the exams in the various social science areas?

A. Our program does not require enough coursework to necessarily pass these exams except in cases where a student has majored in the subject.  The exams are designed to test the level of knowledge achieved by a graduating college senior who has majored in the particular subject.  Students should consider taking additional coursework if they wish to take the exam and be successful.

Q.  But I could just take the test and pass and not have to take classes, correct?

A. That is true.  But you must not only consider the language of the law, but also how you will be perceived by school administrators and hiring personnel.  Are they more likely to hire or place someone into a classroom who has merely passed a test or someone who has substantial amounts of coursework?  Our program strongly recommends that students pursue the suggested course of study (listed in the column to the right, by discipline) before seeking to add an endorsement and make claims to being able to teach the subject.

Q.  I want to get an endorsement in another non-social science content area, what do I do?

A.  Students who wish to add an endorsement in another subject, for example English or Biology, must contact the program advisors for those programs to see what courses they recommend/require.  In some cases you will have to take a methods course in that subject area.  In almost all cases you will also have to take the state subject area exam.  Please see the University Office of Teacher Certification webpage for links to other programs and their advisors.