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Program Administration

Frank Bell

Mr. Frank Bell
Program Advisor
E-mail: fbell@niu.edu
Phone: 815-753-6807
Office: Zulauf Hall 622
Hours:  Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday 8:00-12:00  and by

Andrea Smalley

Dr. Andrea L. Smalley
Director of Secondary Teacher Licensure in History & Social Sciences
E-mail: asmalley@niu.edu
Phone: 815-753-0190
Office: Zulauf 616
Office Hours:  By appointment

Kate Maley

Ms. Kathryn Maley
Assistant Director and Clinical
E-mail: kmaley@niu.edu
Phone: 815-753-5903
Office: Zulauf Hall 626
Hours:  Thursday 2:00-4:00,
Friday 9:00-11:30 and by appointment

University Supervisors

photo not available Lauren Schreiber Brown
University Supervisor
E-mail: lbrown19@niu.edu
Dennis Schillings Denny Schillings
University Supervisor
E-mail: dschillings@niu.edu
Dennis Fink Dennis Fink
University Supervisor
E-mail: dfink@niu.edu
Ron Toti Ron Toti
Univeristy Supervisor
E-mail: rtoti@niu.edu

Small Group Facilitators

photo not available Ata Shakir
ILAS 301 Small Group Facilitator