Teacher Certification


Applying to Our Program

Those who wish to apply to our program must send the following information:

  1. a professional statement of interest that includes your teaching philosophy, your experience in working with children of school-age, and your goals.
  2. a copy of your transcipts from all prior academic work (this requirement is waived if you are admitted to the university as a freshman).
  3. a writing sample of five to ten pages on a topic that involves at least one of the seven program disciplines.

Once those materials are received, our program advisor will review your record and provide you with an evaluation of your ability to complete our program, the time it will require, and the courses and experiences you will have to seek.  This process usually takes about two weeks.

You may, at that time, schedule an appointment with the advisor to discuss your pursuit of the program and your potential admission to the program once all requirements have been met.