Teacher Certification


About the Program

In keeping with the desire to recommend for certification only the most promising educators, students pursuing certification must have both a strong academic record and a demonstrated desire and ability to facilitate learning. In addition, the student will follow a carefully constructed and monitored course of study, designed to meet the standards developed by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS), and the various discipline-specific national organizations. 

In 2009 the program was recognized by NCATE and NCSS as an exemplary and model program for history and social science teacher certification.  The review team called the program "outstanding" and "a model program in meeting the goals of NCSS and NCATE."

Our program does not seek to produce "highly qualified" teachers, rather we aim to educate and train our graduates to be "highly effective" in the classroom and as a professional.  Significant emphasis is put on the integration of content knowledge and pedagogy, writing original and unique lesson plans, working with students to affect their learning and achievement, and developing the attributes that lead to an effective classroom teacher. 

Our program believes that an exemplary educator is one who engages in creative and critical thinking, collaboration, continuing scholarship and lifelong learning, and embodies the belief that all students can learn.

If these traits are something you already possess or are ones you are willing to internalize, then you may be a good candidate for enrollment in our program.