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June 17- July 13, 2012

PROGRAM OVERVIEW: This is the 21st offering of this program.  This program is coordinated by the NIU Study Abroad Office (SAO) in cooperation with the Northern Illinois University Department of Communication, English, and History.  The program is in response to a growing interest among Americans in the Irish media scene which has produced such popular films as My Left Foot, The Field, Michael Collins, The Crying Game, In the Name of the Father, and The Butcher Boy, along with general interest in Irish culture and history as evidenced through Irish Studies Programs which are currently offered by many American colleges and universities.

Past programs have featured guest lectures from Professor Luke Gibbons, co-author of Cinema and Ireland (1989), author of Transformations in Irish Culture (1996), Reinventing Ireland: Culture, Society and the Global Economy (co-editor, 2002) and The Quiet Man (2002), as well as Professor Martin McLoone, author of Inside Film: The Emergence of a Contemporary Cinema (2001).  Other lectures may include notable Irish film and television directors who will present their media productions.  Major Irish authors may also present readings from their works.  Students in previous years have visited such local cultural and historical sites as the Abbey Theater, Glendalough Monastic site, Kilmainham Gaol, Trinity College’s ‘Long Room,’ and attended the Galway Film Festival.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: Students will become sophisticated in issues of international culture via an immersion in Irish politics, history, literature, and media.  Ireland’s role in the European Union has attracted wide interest from those interested in the mechanics of social change.  Ireland’s literature has long been preeminent in Europe and America.  The Irish film industry stands as a model for understanding media’s role in those developments, and students will be introduced to leading scholars and practitioners in these areas.    

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July 22 - August 10, 2012 

PROGRAM OVERVIEW AND OBJECTIVES: The primary purpose of this program is to provide participants with the opportunity to learn and experience the history of Malaysia and the Malay world, on site and in a living laboratory. Because of its unique history, Malaysia, unlike any other country, is comprised of significant Malay, Chinese, and Indian populations. For example, students interested in religion can interact with large Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, animist, and syncretic groups.  Those interested in race and culture and its intersections can experience all of Asia (Arab, Indian, Chinese, and Malay) all in one place.  Finally, Malaysia is home to the world’s once-greatest entrepot and the city that lured Columbus to cross the sea, Melaka, where history is alive and on display. 

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Video: Study Abroad Malaysia-Brunei, Summer 2010