Scholarships & Awards

Marvin Rosen Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship is given in honor of Marvin Rosen (1934-2001), who taught history at NIU for almost forty years, and who was known for his strong dedication to teaching and connecting with students, especially undergraduates. Rosen's ability to engage students sometimes involved delivering impassioned lectures standing atop his desk, and unapologetically standing by his often non-conformist views without ever expecting students to agree, but challenging them to examine their own beliefs instead. His dedication to mentor student's interests and achievements in history went far, in one case as far as claiming not to be able to drive, so that he could hire a student as his chauffeur and thus provide him with financial assistance as he continued to educate him on the road. The History Department established an endowment in Marvin Rosen's memory that honors his spirit as a teacher and recognizes a student whose desire to learn history extends beyond the classroom. Students who recently developed a strong interest in history, and especially freshmen and sophomores in survey classes, who show motivation and initiative to be challenged further by more intense study of historical questions, and whose academic record speaks to these developments, are encouraged to apply.

  • Monetary Award: $500 and a book prize
  • Eligibility: Undergraduate history majors or minors who have completed at least six hours of history courses at NIU
  • Application: Students who wish to apply should submit the application form, one letter of recommendation by a History Department faculty submitted by letter writer to, and a 500-750 word personal statement to the History Department office at The personal statement should explain how and why the student became interested in history, career goals, or any other information the applicant feels important to be considered. Applicants may also apply through Academic Works.