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HGSA 9th Annual Conference November 4, 2016

History News

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Students Making News and a Difference

Junior History major Katy Voight has been accepted to a week-long seminar, entitled "A Research Introduction to the Holocaust in the Soviet Union," at the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, in early January. The application to participate in this seminar was competitive and open to advanced undergrads, MA, and PhD students.

Congratulations to our history majors Brandon Nakashima and Tyechia Price, who have been named new 2015-2016 Research Rookies and to continuing Research Rookie Rachel Jacob.

Ian Burns (Ph.D. candidate) was chosen as member highlight with the American Conference of Irish Studies.

2015 Outstanding Graduate Students:  Michael Lovell (MA) and Matthew Jagel (PhD)

2015 NIU Internship/Cooperative Education Student of the Year Scholarship, Bronze Recipient:  William Avila (MA 2014)

2015 Dr. Frederick L. Kitterle Memorial Scholarship: David Pinelli

Alex Revzan's (MA 2014) discovery of previously unknown film footage of the 1915 Eastland Disaster in Chicago.  He has received considerable media coverage in recent weeks, including an article in the Chicago Tribune and a feature story in NIU Today: Chicago Tribune article    NIU Today article 

History students swept the humanities prizes at this year’s Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day.

1st place: Karissa Kessen “Surviving Trauma, Creating Memoryscapes: Survivors and Memorial Museums in Argentina and Chile" (faculty mentor J.D. Bowers & Amy Levin)

2nd place: Crispin Brim “A Critical Analysis of the Irish Monthly 1873-1900” (faculty mentor Sean Farrell)

3rd place: (tie) Markie Striegel “The Differing Representations of Imperial Women by Plutarch and Tacitus” (faculty mentor Andy Bruno) and Jessie Shattuck “A New Displinary Approach to Merovingian Gender Studies” (faculty mentor Valerie Garver)

In addition, history major Natalie Cincotta earned an honorable mention for her project related to her German minor “Vergangenheitsbewältigung: Representing and Confronting the Nazi Past in Postwar German Film, 1945-1961” (faculty mentor Friedemann Stuebing). 

Jessie Shattuck earned an honorable mention in the overall category of Arts, Education, Health, Humanities, and Social Science at URAD for her project “A New Disciplinary Approach to Merovingian Gender Studies” (faculty mentor Valerie Garver).

2014-2015 history graduates Natalie CincottaKimberly Halsey, and Jessie Shattuck are the recipients of Outstanding Women Student Awards

History Graduate Student Association Conference - November 6, 2015.