Current Graduate Students

History Graduate Student Association

  • 2013-2014 Officers
  • Meeting information -The HGSA held its first event of the semester, a CV workshop, under the instruction of Professor Sean Farrell on January 31st.   Please check back for information on our next meeting.

NIU History Graduate Student Association Conference in honor of Professor Alfred Young

  • 6th Annual Conference - November 1, 2013  Program
  • 5th Annual Conference - October 26, 2012   Program    Pics   Papers
  • 4th Annual Conference - October 21, 2011   Synopsis
  • 3rd Annual Conference - October 22, 2010   Synopsis
  • 2nd Annual Conference - October 2, 2009    Program  
  • 1st NIU HGSA Conference - April 3, 2009    Program

Current Graduate Students

MA Program

Krista Albers - Asia

William Avila - U.S., Latin America

Tracy Balla - U.S.

Tracy Brindle - U.S., Public History

Ryan Broce - Global and Southeast Asia

Clinton Cargile - U.S., Public History

Gerald Daniel Louis - Southeast Asia 

James Dewitz - Southeast Asia and US

Wayne Duerkes - US and Global Studies

Hotavio Escamilla - US and Public History 

Michael Hall - U.S.

Scott Hanley - U.S.

Justin Iverson - US and Europe

Ashley Kirsopp - Southern U.S. 

Victoria Kothrade - Early Modern Europe

Molly Kroker - Asian and Public History

Alexa Larocco - Medieval Europe

Adam Lopez - Latin America, U.S. Modern

Michael Lovell - Medieval Europe

Kevin Luginbill - British Empire

Caitlin McDonald - 

Ruth Montino - 

Jennifer Nevins - U.S., Europe

Mathew Powers - US and Global

Alex Revzan - Europe (Ireland), Public History

Tegan Rice - Europe (Germany), Public History

Benjamin Schmack - 20th Century U.S.

Isabelle Squires - Asia and Global

Denise Tune - U.S., Global

PhD Program

Scott Abel - Maritime, Southeast Asia

John Alcalde - US Law & Society, Modern Britain

Edward Bates - Immigration History

Gregory Bereiter - Early Modern France  

Mathieu Billings - 19th Century Ireland and U.S. 

Ian Burns - British Empire

Katrina Chludzinski - Southeast Asia

Heeyoung Choi - Asia 

David Downs - British Empire

Nicole Dressler - Colonial U.S.

Josh Fulton - 19th Century U.S., Europe

Robert Fulton - Early Modern Europe 

Andres Hijar - Mexico & Peru, Mining & Society, Colonial & National Periods

Laura Iandola - US Foreign Relations, Southeast Asia

Matthew Jagel - U.S. Foreign Policy, Japanese Empire, SE Asia

Susan Kwosek - Religious, Immigration, West African

Matthew Maletz - Modern & Colonial Latin America, Urban History

Robert Marach - US Civil War

Marc John Reynolds - 20th Century U.S., African American, Modern Latin America

Journey Steward - Global Comparative    

Victoria Stewart - U.S. History, Colonial U.S., Modern Latin America

Katie Sutrina - U.S. Labor, Migration, Community, Transnationalism, Public History 

Elisabeth Annice Unruh - 20th Century U.S.

Lily Ann B. Villaraza - Southeast Asia