Current Graduate Students

History Graduate Student Association

2014-2015 Officers and Conference Information

MA Program

Krista Albers - Asia

Christopher Anderson - 19th Century U.S. and Latin America

William Avila - U.S., Latin America (Graduated Fall 2014)

Kyle Balzer - 20th Century US Foreign Policy

Samantha Bohlin - 18th Century Europe and U.S. 

Ryan Broce - Global and Southeast Asia

Janette Clay - Early American, Public History

Gerald Daniel Louis - Southeast Asia 

James Dewitz - Southeast Asia and U.S.

Wayne Duerkes - US and Global Studies

Michael Hall - U.S.

Scott Hanley - 20th Century Southeast Asia and U.S.

Rachel Hradecky - Public History

Justin Iverson - US and Europe

Ashley Kirsopp - Southern U.S. 

Victoria Kothrade - Early Modern Europe

Molly Kroker - China, Public History/Museum Studies

Alexa Larocco - Medieval Europe

Adam Lopez - Latin America, U.S. Modern

Michael Lovell - Medieval Europe

Caitlin McDonald - Public History

Ruth Montino - Modern Europe

Jennifer Nevins - U.S., Europe (Graduated Fall 2014)

Nicholas Prince - Europe

Alex Revzan - Europe (Ireland), Public History (Graduated Fall 2014)

Benjamin Schmack - 20th Century U.S.

Isabelle Squires - Asia and Global

Kevin Wienke - 19th Century US Social History

PhD Program

Scott Abel - Maritime, Southeast Asia

John Alcalde - US Law & Society, Modern Britain

Edward Bates - Immigration History

Gregory Bereiter - Early Modern France  

Mathieu Billings - 19th Century Ireland and U.S. 

Ian Burns - British Empire

Edward Byrd - US, African American Political & Economic

Katrina Chludzinski - Southeast Asia

Heeyoung Choi - Asia 

David Downs - British Empire

Nicole Dressler - Colonial U.S.

Josh Fulton - 19th Century U.S., Europe

Robert Fulton - Early Modern Europe 

Andres Hijar - Mexico & Peru, Mining & Society, Colonial & National Periods

Laura Iandola - U.S. Foreign Relations, Southeast Asia

Matthew Jagel - U.S. Foreign Policy, Japanese Empire, SE Asia

Susan Kwosek - Religious, Immigration, West African

Kevin Luginbill - British Empire

Matthew Maletz - Modern & Colonial Latin America, Urban History

Robert Marach - US Civil War

Marc John Reynolds - 20th Century U.S., African American, Modern Latin America

Journey Steward - Global Comparative    

Victoria Stewart - U.S. History, Colonial U.S., Modern Latin America

Katie Sutrina - U.S. Labor, Migration, Community, Transnationalism, Public History 

Elisabeth Annice Unruh - 20th Century U.S.

Lily Ann B. Villaraza - Southeast Asia