Graduate Programs

Defended Dissertations

Year Defended 2013

Carlson, Coral.  "Tin Dreams: Place, People, and Product in Colonial Pahang" April 2013.

Campbell, Mellisa.  "Fantasies of Gender Dystopia in the Antifeminism of U.S. Popular Culture, 1890-1930" March 2013.

Rossow, Michael.  "Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy: American Military Medical Treatment of Prisoners of War Under the Geneva Convention During the Second World War" March 2013.

Hink, Jamie.  "Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings: The Role and Influence of Children and Youth in the Great Awakening"  March 2013.

Year Defended 2012 

Hink, John.  "Immigrants, Children, and Citizenship During the Era of Exclusion" October 2012.

Barleen, Steven.  "The Working-Man Does Not Need To Be Told How To Live:  The Illinois Saloon and the Struggle for Hegemony in the Gilded Age/Progressive Era"  September 2012.

Prescott, James.  "Philippine - American Relations During the Magsaysay Years: 1946-1957"  April 2012.

Gurman, Scott.  "Filipiniana and the Construction of the Filipino in the American Media, 1898-1925" January 2012.

Year Defended 2011

Hanserd, Robert.  "Akan Ideas of Freedom During the Eighteenth Century"  July 2011.

Lemus, Cheryl.  "The Maternity Racket: Medicine, Consumerism, and the Modern American Pregnancy, 1876-1960"  June 2011.

Cadagin, Sean.  "Becoming the Land of Lincoln: Emancipation and the Construction of Race in Illinois, 1853-1892"  April 2011.

Year Defended 2010

Hayes, Melissa.  "Litigating Intimacy: The Legal Culture of Sexuality in 19th Century Illinois." October 2010.

Fox, Eric.  "'Clever Boston Sisters Eminent and Trenchant': Class, Gender, and Privilege Among the Nineteenth-Century Boston Brahmins."  September 2010.

Year Defended 2009

Randall, Stacey.  "With A Suspicious Mind and a Good Light: The History of Cervical Cancer Screening in the United States, 1920-1980."   June 2009. 

Hawkins, Michael.  "Imperial Historicism and American Military Rule in the Philippines' Muslim South, 1899-1913."  April 2009.

Burns, Dave.  "The Radical Rites of Christ: Jesus and Social Revolution in Progressive Era America."  March 2009.

Year Defended 2008

Vaughan, Thomas J.  "The Tendency of Affections: Natural Families in Nineteenth-Century Louisiana."  October 2008.

Midtroed, Tom Arne.  "'So Great A Correspondence': Native American Diplomacy In The Hudson Valley, 1609-1783."  June 2008.

Jaffe, Christopher.  "'Us and Them': The Changing Boundaries of Acceptance and Exclusion for Incoming Ethnic and Racial Groups in Rockford, Illinois 1880-1945." March 2008.

Year Defended 2007

Draper, Timothy.  "'A Little Kingdom of Mixed Nationalities':  Race, Ethnicity, and Class in a Western Urban Community -- Rock Springs, Wyoming 1869-1929." October 2007.

Godfrey, Amy. "Divine Benevolence to the Poor: Charity, Religion and Nationalism in Early National New York City, 1784-1820." April 2007.

Hiort, Pontus. "Negotiating Identities: South German Catholics and the Formation of National Identity, 1871-1914." February 2007.

Przygrodzki, Robert. "Russians in Warsaw: Imperialism and National Identity, 1863-1915." February 2007.

Year Defended 2006

Logan, Gabe. "Lace Up the Boots, Full Tilt Ahead: Recreation, Immigration, and Labor on Chicago's Soccer Fields, 1890-1950." December 2006.

Year Defended 2005

Lahr, Angela. "Millennial Dreams and Apocalyptic Nightmares: Evangelical and Secular Identity in the Early Cold War." 2005.

Smalley, Andrea Lynn. "The Liberty to Hunt, Fish, and Fowl: Wild Animals and Human Economics in Revolutionary America." 2005.

Year Defended 2004

Hagaman, Robert A. "Personal Battles: The Lives of Black Civil War Soldiers from Maryland, 1840-1920." 2004.

Novak, Greg. "Towards a Comprehensive Environmental Ethic." 2004.

Year Defended 2002

Green, Elizabeth A. "Unraveling a Pastime: Needlework and Needlework Literature, 1870-1910." 2002.

Year Defended 2001

Gaddis, Vincent R. "Herbert Hoover, Unemployment, and the Public Sphere: A Conceptual History, 1919-33." 2001.

Hyde, Gary D. "Democrats and Dictators: The U.S. Republican Mission in Latin America, 1936-49." 2001.

Kadel, Kathryn J. "Little Community to the World: The Social Vision of Robert Redfield." 2001.

Montagna, Douglas S. "A Faith for Changing Seasons: Education and the Refinement of Methodism in Indiana, 1800-72." 2001.

Taylor, P. Sean. "'We Live in the Midst of Death': Yellow Fever, Moral Economy, and Public Health in Philadelphia, 1793-1805." 2001.

Year Defended 2000

Freiwald, Laura Linn. "Law's Child: The Illinois Juvenile Court Reform, 1877-1901." 2000.

Richardson, Curtis. "Konstantin Kavelin: A Political and Intellectual Biography." 2000.