Graduate Programs

Defended Dissertations


Stewart, Victoria.  "Conscripting Billy Yank and Johnny Reb: The Plight and Consequence of Conscription Dodgers, Disruptors, and Resisters"  May 2017.  

Villaraza, Lily Ann.  "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: A Study of Aurelio Tolentino’s Articulation of Nationalism and Identity Through Theater in the Philippines During the American Colonial Period"  March 2017


Billings, Mathieu.  "Potent Legacies: The Transformation of Irish American Politics, 1815-1845"  October 2016

Abel, Scott.  "19th Century Malay Shipping" August 2016

Fulton, Robert.  "Managing an Information Explosion:  Civilian Adminstration and the Army of Louis XIV, 1661-1701"  June 2016

Bates, Edward.  "Disposable Labor:  Urban and Rural Agricultural Migrants From the Monterrey Center Through the Nuevo Leon Corridor to San Antonio, 1915-1925"  March 2016.

Bereiter, Gregory.  "Clerics in Arms:  Militant Catholicism and Religious Violence in France, 1584-1598"  March 2016.

Sutrina-Haney, Katie.  "The Food Pyramid:  Mexicans, Agribusiness, Governments, and Communities in the Midwest Migrant Stream"  March 2016.


Hijar, Andres.  "Where is Our Revolution:  Workers in Ciudad Juarez and the Hidalgo Mining Distric in 1930's" June 2015.

Jagel, Matthew.  "Sun Nguc Thanh, The United States, and the Transformation of Cambodia" May 2015.


Carlson, Coral.  "Tin Dreams: Place, People, and Product in Colonial Pahang" April 2013.

Campbell, Mellisa.  "Fantasies of Gender Dystopia in the Antifeminism of U.S. Popular Culture, 1890-1930" March 2013.

Rossow, Michael.  "Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy: American Military Medical Treatment of Prisoners of War Under the Geneva Convention During the Second World War" March 2013.

Hink, Jamie.  "Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings: The Role and Influence of Children and Youth in the Great Awakening"  March 2013.