Faculty Directory

Anne G. Hanley

Associate Professor

Fields of Study: Latin America, Economic and Business, Urban

E-mail: ahanley@niu.edu
Phone: 815-753-6695
Office: Zulauf 615

Ph.D., Stanford University, 1995

Current Research: My current research project is titled "Municipal Finance and Socio-Economic Development in Nineteenth-Century São Paulo, Brazil." I am examining taxation and spending patterns in of a number of municipalities in the state of São Paulo to study how municipal leaders made decisions about providing public goods such as lighting, water and sewer services, public health and education facilities to their citizens. By examining the ways municipal government raised and invested funds, and how these arrangements changed over time, I study the public administration of socioeconomic development in Brazil’s first century as an independent nation. This research is funded by a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship.

Major/Recent Publications:


  • Native Capital: Financial Institutions and Economic Development in São Paulo, Brazil, 1850-1920, Stanford University Press, 2005.


  • “A Failure to Deliver: Municipal Poverty and the Provision of Public Services in Imperial São Paulo, Brazil 1822-1889” Journal of Urban History Vol 39, No. 3 (May 2013): 513-535
  • “Introdução” in La Bourse de São Paulo 1911 (Reprodução Histórica) São Paulo: BM&F BOVESPA, 2012. 
  • “Financing Brazil’s Industrialization” in Reconceptualizing the Industrial Revolution edited by Jeff Horn, Leonard L. Rosenband and Merritt Roe Smith. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2010.
  • “Bancos na Transição Republicana em São Paulo: O Financiamento Hipotecário (1888-1901)” with Renato Leite Marcondes. Estudos Econômicos, Volume 40, Number 1 (March 2010).
  • “Is It Who You Know? Entrepreneurs and Bankers in São Paulo, Brazil, at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.” Enterprise and Society, Volume 5, Number 2 (June 2004).
  • “A Bolsa de Valores e o financiamento de empresas em São Paulo, 1886-1917” História Econômica e História de Empresas Vol. IV, No. 1 (2001).
  • “Business Finance and the São Paulo Bolsa, 1886-1917” in Latin America and the World Economy: Essays in Quantitative Economic History edited by John Coatsworth and Alan Taylor. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1998.

Teaching Interests: I enjoy teaching courses on modern Latin America, with an emphasis on the region’s economic, political, and social underdevelopment. I regularly teach Modern Latin America, a survey from independence (1820s) to the present, and History of Brazil, which covers the sweep of Brazilian history from the early encounters between Amerindians, Europeans, and Africans to the modern day. I offer the course Poverty and Progress in Latin America that explores the roots of modern Latin America's persistent gap between rich and poor and enjoy teaching Latin America through Film. My new course, The Latin American City, explores urban life from the first colonial Spanish and Portuguese settlements to the challenges of the modern day mega-city.

Courses Taught:

  • HIST 381 Colonial Latin America
  • HIST 382 Modern Latin America
  • HIST 383 Latin America Through Film
  • HIST 484 History of Brazil
  • HIST 486 Poverty and Progress in Latin America
  • HIST 487 The Latin American City
  • HIST 495 Senior Thesis

Interdisciplinary Affiliations:

  • Center for Latino and Latin American Studies
  • Center for NGO Leadership & Development