Faculty Directory

Damián Fernández

Assistant Professor

Fields of Study: Late Antiquity, Late-Roman and Early-Medieval Iberia, Mediterranean, Ancient Social and Economic History.

Education: Ph.D., Princeton University, 2010.

E-mail: dfernandez@niu.edu
Office: Zulauf 724

Current Research: 

My current research focuses on the evolution of aristocracies between the Later Roman Empire and the Early Middle Ages. I combine the study of written sources with the increasingly available archaeological data from the different regions of the western Roman Empire. I am also interested in social and economic theory applied to the study of the ancient economy and particularly in issues related to resource allocation systems in pre-modern societies.

Major/Recent Publications:

  • "City and Countryside in Late Antique Iberia", Antiguite Tardive 21 (2013).
  • “What is the De fisco Barcnonensi about?”, Antiquité Tardive, 14 (2006)
  • “Networks of reciprocation in late antique episcopate: the case of Martin of Tours”, Argos 26 (2002).

Teaching Interests:

I teach survey courses on western civilization, ancient history, and Roman history. My interests also include upper division courses on the history of ancient cities, the ancient economy, and ancient and medieval Iberia.

Courses Taught:

  • HIST 110 Western Civilization until 1500
  • HIST 303 History of Ancient Rome 
  • HIST 304 Late Antiquity and the Fall of Rome
  • HIST 305 Europe in the Early Middle Ages
  • HIST 600s Reading Seminar