Faculty Books Published Since 2007

History Department Books



Heide Fehrenbach


Humanitarian Photography: A History

Cambridge University Press 2015

Cambridge University Press 2015 weblink




Stanley Arnold

Associate Professor

Building the Beloved Community: Philadelphia's Interracial Civil Rights Organizations and Race Relations, 1930-1970

University Press of Mississippi, 2014

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Valerie Garver
Associate Professor

Rome and Religion in the Medieval World:  Studies in Honor of Thomas F. X. Noble

Edited by Valerie Garver and Owen M. Phelan

Farnham:  Ashgate, 2014

Farnham:  Ashgate weblink






Aaron Spencer Fogleman


Two Troubled Souls:  An Eighteenth-Century Couple's Spiritual Journey in the Atlantic World

UNC: University of North Carolina Press, 2013

University of North Carolina Press weblink




Ismael Montana

Assistant Professor

The Abolition of Slavery in Ottoman Tunisia

University Press of Florida, 2013

University Press of Florida weblink 





  Hoffman 2012

Beatrix Hoffman


Health Care for Some:  Rights and Rationing in the United States since 1930

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2012

University of Chicago Press weblink 



Sandra Trugden Dawson

Holiday Camps in Twentieth-Century Britain

Manchester University Press, 2011

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Beatrix Hoffman
Associate Professor

Patients as Policy Actors (Critical Issues in Health and Medicine)

Edited by Beatrix Hoffman, Nancy Tomes, Rachel Grob, Mark Schlesinger

Rutgers University Press, 2011

Rutgers University Press weblink 







E. Taylor Atkins

Primitive Selves: Koreana in the Japanese Colonial Gaze, 1910-1965

University of California Press, 2010

University of California Press weblink 





Sean Farrell
Associate Professor

Power and Popular Culture in Modern Ireland

Edited by Sean Farrell and Michael De Nie

Irish Academic Press Ltd, 2010

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 Eric Jones
Associate Professor

Wives, Slaves, and Concubines: a History of the Female Underclass in Dutch Asia

Northern Illinois University Press, 2010

Northern Illinois University Weblink






 Brian Sandberg
Associate Professor

Warrior Pursuits: Noble Culture and Civil Conflict in Early Modern France

Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010

John Hopkins University Press weblink







James Schmidt

Industrial Violence and the Legal Origins of Child Labor

Cambridge University Press, 2010

Cambridge University Press weblink






Heide Fehrenbach

After the Nazi Racial State: Difference and Democracy in Germany and Europe

Heide Fehrenbach, Rita Chin, Geoff Eley and Atina Grossmann

University of Michigan Press, 2009

University of Michigan Press weblink





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Valerie Garver
Associate Professor

Women and Aristrocratic Culture in the Carolingian World

Cornell University Press, 2009

Cornell University Press weblink







Frank BellKristin Huffine

Assistant Professor

Science in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires, 1500-1800

Edited by Kristin Huffine, Daniela Bleichmar, Paula De Vos, and Kevin Sheehan

Stanford University Press, 2009

Stanford University Press weblink




Ismael Montana
Assistant Professor

Slavery, Islam and Diaspora

Edited by Ismael Musah Montana, Behnaz A. Mirzai and Paul E. Lovejoy

Africa World Press, 2009

Amazon weblink






Bradley G. Bond
Associate Professor

Law & Politics

Edited by Bradley G. Bond and James W. Ely Jr.

University of North Carolina Press, 2008

University of North Carolina Press weblink







Sundiata Djata

Blacks at the Net: Black Achievement in the History of Tennis, Volume Two

Syracuse University Press, 2008

Syracuse University Press weblink






Aaron Fogleman

Jesus Is Female: Moravians and Radical Religion in Early America

University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008

University of Pennsylvania weblink







Trude Jacobsen
Assistant Professor

Lost Goddesses: The Denial of Female Power in Cambodian History

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies, 2008

Nordic Institute of Asian Studies Press weblink







Trude Jacobsen
Assistant Professor

Re-Envisioning Sovereignty: the End of Westphalia?

Edited by Trude Jacobsen, Charles Sampford, Remesh Thakur

Ashgate Publishing, 2008

Ashgate weblink







Kenton Clymer

Troubled Relations: The United States and Cambodia Since 1870

Northern Illinois University Press, 2007

Northern Illinois University Press weblink







Sean Farrell
Associate Professor

Shadows of the Gunmen: Violence and Culture in Modern Ireland

Cork University Press, 2007

Cork University Press weblink





Nancy Wingfield

Flag Wars & Stone Saints: How the Bohemian Lands Became Czech

Harvard University Press, 2007

Harvard University Press weblink





Nancy Wingfield

Return to Diversity: A Political History of East Central Europe Since World War II

Nancy M. Wingfield and Joseph Rothschild

Oxford University Press, 2007

Oxford University Press weblink