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Undergraduate Classes - Fall 2015


HIST 110: Western Civilization To 1500

HIST112:  Western Civilization Since 1815

HIST 140: Asia to 1500

HIST 171: World History II

HIST 260: American History To 1865  

HIST 261: American History Since 1865

HIST 295: Historical Methods

HIST 304: Late Antiquity and the Fall of Rome

HIST 306: Europe in the Later Middle Ages

HIST 311: Early Modern France, 1500-1789

HIST 340: Ancient India

HIST 355: History if Black American Music

HIST 356: Modern Ireland

HIST 359: History of Illinois - Teacher Certification Students Only 

HIST 363: U.S. Sport History

HIST 373: Strikes, Riots, and Uprisings in U.S. History

HIST 374: Latinos in the United States

HIST 377: American Enviromental History

HIST 381: Colonial Latin America

HIST 395: Internship in History 

HIST 398: Intersections East and West

HIST 400: Student Teaching (SECONDARY) in History/Social Sciences

HIST 401: Third Clinical Secondary School Experience in History/Social Sciences

HIST 422: Early Modern Europe

HIST 429: Nazi Germany

HIST 434: The Russian Revolution

HIST 475: The U.S. and S.E. Asia and the Indian Subcontinent

HIST 484: History of Brazil

HIST493: Independent Study

HIST 495: Senior Thesis  

HIST 496: History and Social Science Instruction in Grades 6-12