Green Lens Environmental Film Fest - Official Selections 2013

Agrofuels: Starving People, Fueling Greed - Matt Feinstein

Delve into depth about the issues of growing monocrops for fuel. Beyond concerns about diverting food crops to the production of fuel, so-called 'second generation agrofuels' - or cellulose-based fuels - also have detrimental effects on indigenous communities, small farmers and the environment.

Documentary, United States, 28 minutes

The Credible Egg - Helen Hood Scheer

Encounter an unexpected alliance between technology and nature through the exploration of the industrialization of food. See the next phase of technology coming out of Silicon Valley, as science seeks to best Mother Nature in something as simple as an egg for the growing demands of an increasing population.

Student, United States, 5 minutes

Earth Spirit - Alan Gorg

Young Jesse's drugs and petty crimes force his mother to take him out of the city and back to their ranch in the desert where his father has lived and worked alone after their separation years ago. To end their struggle with poverty, she puts the mineral rights in the land up for sale. A spirit arises from the earth and captures Jesse to turn him around and join his father to protect the land against exploitation.

Narrative, Unites States, 34 minutes

Filtering Futures: A Story of Long Island Livelihood & Shellfish - Gareth Burghes

*Winner of Best Student and Audience Choice

Best Student SealAudience Choice Seal

Beneath the waves off the coast of Long Island there's a buried treasure. Shellfishing was once a goldmine industry now facing its demise. Can science, Baymen and policy work together to face the socioeconomic and environmental challenges in restoring Long Island’s lost treasure?

Student, United States, 23 minutes

 Pas De Restes - Johnny Ray Gill

*Winner of Best Narrative

Best Narrative Seal

Welcome to Pas De Restes, home of such succulent selections you're guaranteed to leave no leftovers. The Spaulding’s, out to a rare dinner together, experience Michelin starred food, stimulating conversation, and find the restaurant truly lives up to its name. The family tastes culture, privilege, and American excess, and they're left with indigestion.

Narrative, United States, 13 minutes


A Simpler Way - Michael Snyder

Four students from the President's Leadership Circle at Frostburg State University journey to a remote village in Uganda to discover a radically simple solution to an urgent global problem. What they find there changes their lives in unexpected ways.

Documentary, United States, 29 minutes

Status and Trends in Artic Biodiversity - Lawrence Hislop

*Winner of Best Documentary

Best Documentary Seal

Faced with a new set of challenges and stressors, the Arctic has entered into a cycle of intensive pressure and change. Hear the Arctic Council Working Group on the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) share their findings on the best available scientific and traditional knowledge on Arctic biodiversity that they are using to influence policymakers and conservation managers.

Documentary, Canda/Norway, 21 minutes

 Tar Sands: To the Ends of the Earth - Christopher Walker

Canada’s tar sands are the second largest oil deposits in the world, covering an area bigger than England, including over 4 million hectares of boreal forest. Now oil companies are starting to mine tar sands around the world, generating three to five times more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil.

Documentary, United States, 28 minutes

This Dewdrop World - Elizabeth Thompson

*Committee Choice Award

Committee Choice Seal

Shocked by her mother’s ALS diagnosis, Elizabeth searches for ways to help her adjust. This lyrical documentary interweaves two unfolding stories – a dying mother, an unraveling planet – illuminating the poetic resonance between the fleeting, dewdrop nature of a single life and a parallel, though largely unseen, story of planetary loss.

This film received the Committee Choice Award and will premiere at the Best of the Fest screening on April 25.

Documentary, United States, 35 minutes