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Illinois Residence Regulations

The tuition fee for in-state students is charged according to the definitions of residence below. Length of university attendance or continued presence in DeKalb during vacation periods is not considered proof of Illinois residence.

Students who take exception to the residence status assigned shall pay the tuition assessed, but may file a petition in writing to the Office of Registration and Records for a reconsideration of residence status.

The written claim must be filed within 30 calendar days from the date of assessment of tuition, or the first class day of the term for which tuition is payable, whichever is later, or the student loses all right to a change of status and adjustment of the tuition assessed for the term in question.

The following is based on Regulations of the Board of Trustees, a copy of which is available upon request in the Office of Registration and Records.

Adult students. Students 18 years of age and over are considered residents for tuition purposes, if they have been bona fide residents of the state for at least six consecutive months preceding the first class day of the term and continue to maintain that residence. An adult student whose parents are Illinois residents and who lives with them or elsewhere in the state also will be regarded as a resident.

Minor students. The residence of a student under 18 years of age is considered to be and follow that of the parents. Self-supporting minors are subject to the same regulations as adults.


Marriage. If a nonresident student marries a resident, the nonresident can request reclassification as a resident.

Armed forces personnel. The nonresident portion of the tuition will be waived for a person on active duty who is stationed and present in the state in connection with that service and who submits evidence of that service and station. Spouses and dependent children who live in the state are also eligible for waivers.

University staff and faculty members. Staff members of the university and faculty members of Illinois state-supported institutions of higher education, employed at least one-quarter time, and their spouses and dependent children are considered residents. The term "staff members" does not include graduate assistants or student hourly workers.

Teachers.Teachers in the public and private elementary and secondary schools of Illinois are considered residents if they are employed at least one-quarter time.

International students. To be considered a resident, a student who is not a United States citizen must have "Permanent Resident" status or "Refugee" status with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization service and must also comply with all other requirements of these regulations.