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Maximize your potential with a Graduate Degree from Northern Illinois University!

Selecting a University is a major decision for graduate students. As a prospective graduate student, you will base your decision upon several factors.

You want to choose a university that will provide you with a strong academic foundation to prepare you for a rewarding career.

You want a university that has the ability to foster your academic, professional, and personal growth.

You want a university that will allow you to pursue your graduate studies in an environment that will provide academic and social support.

For information not covered on these pages or any other inquiry, contact:

Lyndon D. Perkins
Director of Recruitment and Student Support Services
Northern Illinois University

Graduate School
Adams Hall, Room 218

Office: (815)753-1946
Fax: (815)753-6366


Prospective and current students

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Some helpful features of the online catalog are advanced search capabilities and a portfolio option where the user can save favorite programs and courses.