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Graduate School Information

Brenda Hoiness, 223 Adams Hall,, (815) 753-0395

Admissions Staff

For questions about international applications and related inquiries:
Erin Corwin-Surwillo,, (815) 753-9410

For questions about domestic degree-seeking applications and related inquiries:
Hope Montavon,, (815) 753-9413

For questions about non-degree (Student at Large) applications and related inquiries:
Taylor Wallin,, (815) 753-2699

Initial application processing:
Anne Arne,, (815) 753-4900

For immigration issues and departmental questions about overall admission policies:
Ann Sims,, (815) 753-9409

Enrolled Student Staff

Enrolled students with questions about degree-completion requirements and schedule/grade changes should contact one of the following individuals.  

For questions about schedule changes: Theresa La Rocco,, (815) 753-9411

For questions about graduation requirements: Theresa La Rocco,, (815) 753-9411

For questions about degree progress report: Theresa La Rocco,, (815) 753-0431

For other questions related to continuing student issues: Theresa La Rocco,, (815) 753-9411

Thesis/Dissertation Office

Carolyn Law,, (815) 753-9405

Recruitment and Support Services Staff

Lyndon Perkins,, (815) 753-1946
Bonni Feltz,, (815) 753-9654

Manager of Technical Services

Eric Biletzky,, (815) 753-3439

Office of the Dean

(815) 753-9403
Dr. Bradley G. Bond, Dean,, (815) 753-9402
Dana Hughes, Administrative Assistant,, (815) 753-9403
Debbie Williams, Office Support Specialist,, (815) 753-0425

Graduate Colloquium

Deborah Williams,, (815) 753-0425
Fax: 753-6366