The Animated Virtual Planetarium

The latest version of Java has some security protocols that are incompatible with our applets. Upgrading the code to fix this is beyond me at the moment,
but there are measures you can take on your end to run them: You need to allow java to run the applets on the specific machine.
In order to do so on my machine (a PC running Windows XP), I found an executable file named "javacpl" in C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin
Double clicking that should bring up a "Java Control Panel" window. Select "Security", then "Edit Site List".
That brings up another window - click Add and type in That should allow any applet from our site to run on the machine.

Notes for Teachers

The "Visible" Solar System
View the solar system from space and
Earth (based on the VSOP '87 model).

The World's Horizon
View the horizon from anywhere on Earth,
at any time

Earth/Moon System Simulation
Now with Eclipse predictions!

  Comet Simulation
Watch the comets make their way through the solar system -
Halley, Hale-Bopp, Swift-Tuttle, and over 200 others!

                    Alternative Solar System Models

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October, 2012