Colin Booth's Graduate Student Theses and Dissertations

In Progress

Christopher Greer (Ph.D. dissertation) Modeling the groundwater flow system and bedrock aquifer recharge associated with the Troy Buried Valley, DeKalb County, Illinois.

Completed M.S. Theses

Samuel P. Gillet, 2008. Characterization and estimation of shallow groundwater recharge in the Owens Creek Watershed, DeKalb County, Illinois.

Sara Williams, 2002. Modeling and delineation of the five-year recharge area for the Freeport CWS facility, Stephenson County, Illinois.

Steven M. Peterson, 2000. A Groundwater Flow Model and Time-related Capture Zone for the Harristown, Illinois Public Supply Well.

Clint P. Carney, 2000. Modeling the Groundwater Flow System and Five-Year Recharge Area of the Fawn Hills Subdivision, Peoria County, Illinois.

Kurt Kraske,1999. The Effects of Septic Systems on Groundwater Quality in the Prairie Aquigroup and Alexandrian-Maquoketa Aquifer, Campton Township, Kane County, Illinois. (co-directed by Dr Paul Loubere).

Rebecca J. Reid, 1998. Hydrogeology of the Van Patten Woods Sedge Meadow Wetland, Lake County, Illinois.

Lawrence P. Bertsch, 1997. Effects of Longwall Mining on Groundwater Geochemistry at Two Sites in Illinois.

Joseph D. Miller, 1996. Hydrogeologic Characterization of a Heterogeneous Sandstone Aquifer Overlying a High Extraction Longwall Coal Mine.

Jacqueline N. Morrison, 1996. Evaluation of the Hydrogeology and Groundwater Geochemistry of the Buried Troy Bedrock Valley, DeKalb County, Illinois.

Charles Thomas Pattee, 1994. Long-Term Hydrogeologic Impact of Longwall Subsidence on a Shallow Bedrock Aquifer in Illinois.

David A. Schumacher, 1990. The hydrogeology of the Galena-Platteville Dolomite in DeKalb and Kane Counties, northeastern Illinois.

Erik D. Spande, 1990. Effects of longwall-induced subsidence on hydrogeology at a site in Jefferson County, Illinois.

Bethany C. Price, 1990. Infiltration into a northeastern Illinois landfill.Christine M. Eddy, 1989. A finite-element simulation of total nitrogen concentrations in ground water from spray irrigation versus sand-bed filtration.

David N. Olson, 1988. Hydrogeology and hydraulic characteristics of a fractured dolomite aquifer at the Byron-Johnson Salvage Yard Superfund Site, Ogle County, Illinois.

James A. Saric, 1987. The hydrogeological effects of abandoned underground coal mines, Muddy, Illinois.

Marian J. Barnes, 1985. Extent and behavior of mineralized water in the Mt.Simon Formation, Illinois.

Completed Ph.D. Dissertations

Alka Singhal, 2008. Groundwater recharge estimation in an urbanizing watershed using GIS and groundwater modeling. DeKalb County, Illinois.

Lambok M. Hutasoit, 1992. Investigation and numerical modeling of the regional groundwater flow system of the Illinois Basin.

Paul K. Doss, 1991. Physical and chemical dynamics of the hydrogeologic system in wetlands along the southern shore of Lake Michigan.

Luis E. Marin, 1990. Field investigations and numerical simulation of groundwater flow in the karstic aquifer of northwest Yucatan, Mexico. (co-directed by Dr Eugene Perry.)

Peter J. Vagt, 1987. Characterization of a landfill-derived contaminant plume in glacial and bedrock aquifers, DuPage County, Ill.(co-directed by Dr Ronald Flemal.