Nicole D. LaDue

Nicole D. LaDue

Assistant Professor
Director of Earth and Space Science Teacher Licensure
Office: 302C Davis Hall
Phone: 815.753.7935

Educational Background

B.S., Geology, University at Albany (SUNY), 1999
M.A.T., Secondary Science Teaching, Cornell University, 2001
Ph.D., Geological Sciences, Michigan State University, 2013

Research Interests

Earth Science Education, Geocognition, Spatial Ability, Visuals in Science Education, Recruitment and Retention, Earth Science Teacher Certification.

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Research Activities

My research involves applying quantitative and qualitative methods to study how students learn Earth Science concepts. I am particularly interested in how spatial thinking and visual representations influence student understanding. Additionally, I study the factors that influence the recruitment and retention of geoscience majors.

Selected Publications

LaDue, N.D. and Pacheco, H.A. (2013). Critical Experiences for Geologists: Emergent Themes in Interest Development. Journal of Geoscience Education, 61 (4), 428-436.

LaDue, N.D. and Clark, S.K. (2012). Educator Perspectives on Earth System Science Literacy: Challenges and Priorities. Journal of Geoscience Education, 60, 372-383.

Wysession, M.E., LaDue, N., Budd, D.A., Campbell, K., Conklin, M., Kappel, E., Lewis, G., Raynolds, R., Ridkey, R.W., Ross, R.M., Taber, J., Tewksbury, B., and Tuddenham, P. (2012). Developing and Applying a Set of Earth Science Literacy Principles. Journal of Geoscience Education, 60(2), 95-99.

Hambrick, D.Z., Libarkin, J., Petcovic, H.L., Baker, K.M., Elkins, J., Callahan, C.N., Turner, S.P., Rench, T.A., and LaDue, N.D. (2012). A test of the circumvention-of-limits hypothesis in scientific problem solving: The case of geological bedrock mapping. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 141(2): 397-403.


  • GEOL 401 Clinical High School Experience in Earth and Space Science
  • GEOL 482 Transition to Professional Science Teaching
  • GEOL 483 Interdisciplinary Teaching of Science in Secondary Education
  • GEOL 495 Methods in Teaching Earth and Space Science