Hydrothermal Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology Laboratory

Relevant Experimental Projects:

  • Partitioning studies of elements (concentrating on trace metals) between minerals, melts, and fluids
  • Synthetic fluid inclusion production
  • Kinetic studies in mineral-fluid systems
  • Crystal Growth studies in fluids and melts
  • Mineral-bacteria surface interactions

Experimental Equipment:

  • Kanthal doubly wound tube furnaces
  • Temperature controllers and meters
  • René 41 cold-seal hydrothermal vessels
  • High-pressure tubing, valves and connections (up to 50,000 psi or > 3 kilobars)
  • Haskle brand pressure intensifier
  • Factory calibrated Heise pressure gauges

René 41 cold-seal hydrothermal vessels (12)

René 41 cold-seal hydrothermal vessels (12)

Maximum working pressure and temperature are 3 kilobars (300 MPa) and 900°C, respectively.


Haskel Brand Air-driven Liquid Pressure Booster

Haskel Brand Air-Driven
Liquid Pressure Booster

Driven by a Coleman Powermate 60 gallon air compressor.

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This picture shows a rack of hydrothermal furnaces and support equipment (temperature controllers, digital thermometers, haskel pump, heise pressure gauge, etc.).


Kanthal doubly wound tube furnaces

Kanthal doubly wound tube furnaces (8)

Main windings run the length of the core and controlled by the temperature controller, whereas the secondary windings, covering the front half of the core, are variable pitched, wound and controlled by an external variable transformer.


Temperature Controllers and Meters

Temperature Controllers and Meters

  • CN77000 1/16 DIN Micromega Autotune PID temperature controllers (8)
  • SSRL240 Solid State Relays (8)
  • Compact 3/64 DIN temperature Meter with full size LED (3)