Analytical Equipment

Jeol JSM-5610LV Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope

environmental scanning electron microscope

This microscope runs under "low vacuum" -- the "LV" part of "JSM-5610LV." This means it can run natural dry or frozen materials without the conductive coating, commonly gold or carbon, which was formerly required in SEM work -- a distinct advantage because the microscope will be heavily used in the study of microfossils such as diatoms and foraminifera.

It is equipped with an EDX unit for compositional determinations, which can "see" all the way down the periodic table to carbon with an ultra-thin window on the detector which can do image mapping of compositional gradients. The instrument can also do cathodoluminescence, which is the method of choice for looking at the formation of cements and grain overgrowths in sedimentary materials. The generation and output of images are entirely computer-controlled.

Jeol JSM-5610LV Usage Calendar - Contact Josh Schwartz for access, Google account required.